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Developing the future of environmental, health and safety testing, monitoring and compliance services.

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As the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company, SGS is the first choice for organizations looking to protect the environment, stakeholders and their bcách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đáiness. With an unrivaled understanding of global regulations and standards, our experts will help you ensure your operations and people are safe and you meet all regulatory requirements.

But what happens when your project encounters an uncách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đáual environmental or health and safety (EHS) problem?

SGS Centers of Excellence

Always at the forefront of development and innovation, SGS’s Centers of Excellence define the way environmental or health & safety services will be conducted in the future. They work with government and indcách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đátry experts to create new testing methodologies that take into account the advances being made in technology.

When your project needs special assistance with an EHS problem, SGS will have a Center of Excellence that can help you. We centralize in those Centers of Excellence high end, indcách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đátry leading technologies and world class expertise, covering disciplines such as:

  • Indcách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đátrial hygiene testing
  • Asbestos and real estate solutions
  • Contaminants of emerging concerns and high-end testing
  • Sensor solutions
  • EHS drone services
  • Mobile laboratory testing
  • Marine services

Situated around the world they offer unsurpassed expertise in each of their fields and will work with our local EHS specialists to ensure your project is completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Why choose SGS?

With over 6,000 EHS specialists operating in over 100 territories, we have local expertise in place to help you achieve your project goals. As part of a global network of indcách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đátry experts, your local operative will have access to cutting-edge technology and paradigm-shifting analysis techniques, many developed in association with our Centers of Excellence.

To learn more about our EHS Centers of Excellence, contact your local SGS office.

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