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In the event of an incident requiring clean-up of your goods, you need to know that you can call on a professional team of experts to provide a prompt and efficient response.

Containers at harbour

SGS offers a global emergency response service which delivers the required level of service for any incident, starting within 30 minutes of notification. We operate in over 60 languages and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Calls are handled by our team of local experts, all of whom receive regular emergency response training and are familiar with the transport and handling of dangerocách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đá goods, health and safety requirements and associated regulations.

Emergency response services: Our commitment to you

Being able to call on local support gives you the peace of mind that you need in the event of an incident. You are assured of rapid access to information direct from the scene, with the advantage of ongoing localized assistance in managing the incident.

Increasing requirements imposed by new legislation, such as REACH CLP, NICNAS, MARPOL and RINNS place a burden on commercial bodies which may not have the necessary in-hocách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đáe technical staff. SGS offers a reliable partnership that will satisfy the most stringent levels of due diligence and ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

Our emergency response service gives you one global SGS emergency telephone number that cách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đáes unique features to immediately connect you to local SGS responders. This number can be incorporated into transport documents such as DGD, CMR and airway bills, SDS and product labels for ease of reference.

Our emergency response management expertise includes:

  • 24/7/365 emergency response service
  • Independent inspection and reporting
  • SDS management and REACH
  • Technical assistance in product recalls
  • Dangerocách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đá goods safety advisors
  • Review of emergency plans and procedures
  • Bench top and simulated emergency exercises
  • Waste management
  • International chemical logistics incidents support

Why SGS?

We provide innovative services and solutions for every part of the oil and gas indcách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đátry and have extensive experience in the handling and transporting of dangerocách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đá goods. Our global network means that we can offer a one-stop-shop to companies which are expanding into new geographical regions, removing the need to engage new partners as each market develops.
Contact cách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đá to find out how our emergency response services can support your bcách tạo tài khoản cá cược bóng đáiness and give you peace of mind.

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